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All You Gotta Do Is Say Yes

Reading Time: 2 minutes One of my classes is English 252, British Literature II focusing on works from 1616-1832.  I’m sorry, what? Nope, no, thank you, this sounds awful. After three weeks of this class, I think I enjoy British Literature. You shut up.

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What’s Your Move

Reading Time: 2 minutes I get to her office, take a seat. Both masked, she asks, “How can I help you, Chris?” My response, Can I tell you a story?

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Same Team, Same Team

Reading Time: < 1 minute Same team people, same team. Where are the rally cries for Americans from the same country that houses all of our collective imperfections and allows them to flourish in the most haphazard of ways?

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Willing Participant

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’m all about we the people, but I’m also for the willing. We, the people, need the inclined. When we remove the ability for the eager to do their job for the people, I’m left to believe that the motives are self-serving and not for the people.

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