Growth is witnessed. Not created and then displayed, that’s hubris.

The Goods

Remember Kids, Don’t Suck

Reading Time: 4 minutes When I decided that I would be a Reconnaissance Marine, I knew the water would be my biggest challenge. The key to water confidence is knowing that the water will always win, so don’t fight it, work with it, and of course, don’t suck. 

Leave Your Mark

Reading Time: 2 minutes Scott had a way with words that enabled viewers to understand the value of a play or player even if onlookers were unfamiliar with the scene they were witnessing. Tell me you don’t understand, “They must call him butter, ’cause he’s on a roll.” Stuart Scott was a killer, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s later revealed that Stuart Scott was behind many famous brand’s taglines.

Long Suffering=Patience

Reading Time: 3 minutes He slows for a moment in his push walk motion. He’s attempting to discern what my move is as I’m stopped at the door, maybe 15ft in front of his wife’s propped feet. I open the door and hold it.

At Least The Microwave Works

Reading Time: 5 minutes In reality, the technician showed up and immediately checked to see if the microwave was working. Low and behold, the beast was alive.


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