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The High Country Series 55” Rooftop tent

From Freespirit Recreation exceeds expectation. Represented by strength and durability, producing an incredible field of view. I’ve completed my fair share of ground camping trips. It’s the route that I would encourage anyone to start in their camping adventures. However, I quickly knew I was over that path.

Freespirit Recreation

I was Introduced to the Freespirit Recreation Roof Top Tent in 2018 after I pre-ordered my IKamper. The Ikamper order came from my first trip to MOAB. A friend ordered one for his 4thGen before we left for MOAB. After seeing the model online, I ordered one for myself. Because, why ask questions?

Wasatch Mountains Utah Freespirit Recreation

High Country Series

Only to promptly cancel the same order (full refund) when I returned from MOAB and shared my rooftop tent (RTT) interest with a longtime Freespirit customer and friend. In turn, I landed my first Mossy Oak addition automatic hard top opening Freespirit Recreation Roof Top Tent . Within eight months, I upgraded that tent to the same style with the removable collapsing ladder and in grey fabric. In January 2020, I picked up the High Country Series 55” Rooftop tent in perfect pandemic timing.

Trona Pinnacles nighttime GOFSR

Ideal tent for two

Without question, the 55” Freespirit Recreation High Country Series Roof Top Tent is the ideal tent for two people. Enough space to move around without disturbing the person next to you. Ample headroom and plenty of room for bags and even a heater.

High winds Trona Pinnacles GOFSR

What wind?

I’ve contemplated moving to a slim profile hard shell tent over the canvas and softcover. Not only for the lower profile but the ease of opening and closing, which is exceptionally appealing.

Laurel Lakes Fourth of July. GOFSR

Space for days

I can’t do it. The 55” High Country Freespirit Recreation Roof Top Tent is built like a tank. The canvas and soft cover allow you to leave items in the tent. We keep two bags, two pillows, and a blanket in the tent when closed. While Freespirit won’t make that guarantee of storage, it’s what we’ve done for over a year. My ground tents theory stands as such, single-person tents are too small, two-person tents are for one person, and four-person tents are for two people.

Park City Wasatch Mountains GOFSR

Can I help you?

Nights in this tent alone are my style of luxury. No issues with the mattress, nor have we added anything for additional padding. The bed is sufficient. Temperature is not factored into the decision to purchase a tent for me. Your bag is where your money should go in terms of combating air temp, wind and rain are the primary concerns for the tent.

3rd gen 4runner BTF Fabrication Monache Meadows

Exceeding expectations from the ground up, FreeSpirit

The 55” Freespirit Recreation Roof Top Tent has seen heavy mountain rains, hail, and 30+ mph steady winds. Also, all conditions endured during a peaceful night’s rest. My advice, if you ever place the tent opening into the wind, you know… for reasons necessary to do such a silly thing. When experiencing steady 20mph winds, stake it down! If you forget, it will bend, but it won’t break. Like I said, built like a tank.

I’ve even stored the tent outside, on the concrete and its side. Durable is an understatement. You can’t go wrong by choosing Freespirit. Quality is second to none. My bias is towards the High Country series. There’s nothing in the market that comes close to this setup.


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