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“Don’t ever situate yourself in a position through manipulation because then you will carry the burden of performance.”

Steven Furtick

I’ve been in school for close to a month. I’m very much confused as to what’s occurring. School is great, seriously, I love it. Even when I knew I would transfer schools, I wasn’t excited about experiencing four years of college. I wouldn’t have called it the ideal situation. Nonetheless, it’s what I have to do, so I would do it. 

Now that I’m doing it, I’m astonished at how much I enjoy it. I feel purpose behind my attending school, and not just school, but specifically this school. The quotes are from Stephen Furtick. I’ve adopted a weekly Monday-Friday early morning routine that consists of a 5:30 wakeup followed by an injury-ridden 30’s dawn regimen. Coffee timer serves as the alarm, grab my M4 American flag embroidered Black Rifle Coffee mug filled with non-Black Rifle Coffee (because that’s how it goes sometimes), leash the homies, and begin the day. 

When we return, I roll into my morning stretch routine. It’s not exciting, but oh, is it compelling, and compelling is my new exciting. I digress; during my morning stretch routine, I’ll throw on a sermon to play in the background as I stretch and calm myself with encouraging words. This day’s encouraging words were a goody!

“There’s something awesome about knowing the Lord opened this door. There’s just something freeing about knowing the Lord opened this door.”

Steven Furtick

That hit home. There is something incredible about knowing the Lord opened this door, and it is indeed freeing. Don’t get me wrong, school is not easy, but I’m inspired to tackle the task. My time and focus have much to do with school, but I’m inspired to be a good steward of my time. I know many instances require my response to be no, but I’m inspired to see how God works in His purpose for my life. 

One of my classes is English 252, British Literature II focusing on works from 1616-1832.  I’m sorry, what? Nope, no, thank you, this sounds awful. After three weeks of this class, I think I enjoy British Literature. You shut up. Have you ever heard of a guy named John Milton and his little ol’ book “Paradise Lost,” umm… yeah, dope is an understatement. Every day, I walk out of this class wondering if the professor is hypnotizing me because I’m digging British Literature II.

Or, maybe this is the result of an easy yoke compelling me to recognize that my only required contribution is to say yes. 

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