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When was the last time you started from the beginning?

I mean a legitimate square one. You know nothing about it other than you want to do it. As we get older, to our detriment, we tend to stray away from beginnings.

I’ve already established that this is somewhat of an introduction in and of itself. Nonetheless, I’m embracing this unfolding in writing, which made me think. What does it look like for me to truly embrace my involvement with the process of creating?

I do it

I do it, simple as that. When something requires doing, I remind myself to check all the boxes, and I do it. Don’t get me wrong; this is how I’ve decided to conduct myself in pursuing writing. There are plenty of other areas where I’ll gladly skip a few steps.

FYI, my food arrives at my doorstep every Wednesday. Said food only requires refrigeration and 3min in the microwave for it to be ready for consumption.


Years ago, I told my wife I wanted to build a bar in a space we rarely use.

Correction, I told my wife that I wanted to have a bar built for space we rarely use. You see, I’m not the handiest guy around. In fact, I’m not handy at all. When it comes to getting “projects” completed around the house or even… brace yourself fellas… my rig, they are not done by me. My favorite tool ends in 7060.  

A designer quoted this bar project, on the low end, at 7k. Including everything I want to make it perfect came in at around 10k.

“But Wife, it’s going to be amazing, just you wait and see.”

We waited all right. Years go by, Covid hits, and during that time, I decide I’m to earn a degree in writing. Only after I make this decision do I see the writing on the wall.

I’d imagine my fate is not as dark as the king. More so significant to His loving kindness by giving me a sign that I’m on the right path.

I interpreted it as

You do it. When I decided to go after writing, I knew I would need a place to write. Like, a natural place to write. Where I can do hours of schoolwork and still remain as I switch to working on other things.

If you’re screaming “coffee shop” right now, easy does it. I can edit all day at a coffee shop, but that’s it.

I needed to create it, I needed to do it, it’s a part of the process, a proper beginning.

This wall/room looked like this before I was led down the right path.

Pier 1 imports, thanks, but no thanks.
boring setup

Tons of imperfections on this project. My lines are horrible on the paint job, I was impatient. The amount of drilling I could have saved myself from had I realized builders aren’t dumb and size wall items based on stud placement, I’m not experienced. All signs of a new undertaking, and it’s exciting.

Change is necessary for growth.
Getting there
A man and his dog, Bear.

I know, I know. Chris, how much did it cost? I stayed under $400, but if you know what you’re doing, it’s cheaper. 


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