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First and foremost

Thank you, Governor Gavin Newsome, and thank you, Clementine. Clementine is a human being, not a fruit. We’re in the same creative writing class.

Clementine made a comment in the chatbox during our Tuesday evening online class, thanks dick. We were covering a James Joyce piece while looking into Postmodernism. She, being Clementine, said in the chatbox, “Quite the fourth wall break there,” following the last line of Joyce read by the professor.

Feed me Seymour…

Nearly everything presented to me dealing with writing, in an academic setting, is all new to me. Therefore, the accompanying language is often foreign to me as well. The professor saw fit to acknowledge Clementine’s attention to detail considering the text and said that Joyce does this exceptionally well.


No clue of what either of them is talking about. Lucky for me, I’m sitting at home, on my computer, and can look it up. I spend the remainder of the class reading about the fourth wall and its application in written form.

That was a portion of Tuesday, but it stood out. It’s the small instances of genuine piqued interest that do it for me. When it happens, I pause, acknowledging its occurrence, and give thanks.

Then came Wednesday

Timely at that, right after Tuesday. I was on point(ish) this Wednesday, the morning came in poor form, but I pulled it together shortly after. Logged 7hrs of combined work, not really an accomplishment. If I took my own advice and employ a little discipline, school would never require more than a few hours a day.

Gently sprinkled in are a few glorious beers.

Early Thursday morning, Laguna Beach. I’m never in Laguna, couple times a year at best. In Laguna Beach exists some of the most limiting terrain one could ever chose to live in, and it’s packed with people, no thanks. On the other hand, Laguna is beautiful. I question why I don’t go more.

My buddy is a photographer. He sent me a text Wednesday evening requesting my elite services to assist him in a shoot the following morning. I just logged 7hrs, I’m golden for a change of pace. Thursday afternoon was Newport, apparently there’s more than one island.

I enjoy watching his creative process, he comes prepared. We cover a lot of ground in conversation while traveling between shoots. The conversation working as much-needed pressure being applied to the overdue relief valve that is my brain. Something about the conversation, levels of creative deployment; there’s something there.

Coupled with a delightful stroll through the Newport Harbor on what could only be described as James Bonds boat or yacht, what do I know? Dinner with friends, new acquaintances, shared stories, and gained perspective. The common denominator, me, I’m present in all of these instances.

Today must suck compared to yesterday?

This is what my Wife said to me Friday shortly after returning home from keeping us alive, “Today must suck compared to yesterday.” I knew what she meant, but more importantly. My answer, my answer piqued my interest. It was genuine. Friday didn’t look like Thursday, and I wish it was as productive as Wednesday. Had I not written down Tuesday, I’d be questionable if not totally devoid of Tuesday’s importance. Friday didn’t begin in a way that I would prescribe to another human being, but it led me to give thanks. Giving thanks for the ability to recognize my condition. In response to my Wife, I said…

Today was amazing  

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