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I got ahead of myself for a second 

It happens, I quickly developed an unhealthy balance between school and everything else. My everything else isn’t that vast, but it could be. Balance, I lack in my ability to maintain a healthy balance, and that’s all discipline. 

A hard truth, but I can’t deny it. My daily routine had to change a few weeks back, likely for a more significant reason, which has led to me having more time to read, write, and focus on school. In theory, it sounds great. The reality, however, is that I must do THOSE things. 

Usually, people view those like myself, who have a lot of time as having a luxury. In some instances, I would agree, but in most that I’ve experienced, I disagree. I’ve never felt more pressure than when I go a day accomplishing little to nothing, only to wake up the following morning with the weight of my shameless excuse of a lived day holding me dead in place. The fact that I let a day of my life go to waste is disgusting to me. Yet, it still happens. 

No tips or tricks, all facts

So then, what to do? Discipline, that’s it. Much of how we live our lives comes down to discipline. There may be factors present that drive us to do the things we do, whether moral or immoral, it takes discipline to be good at anything. When I don’t complete a task that I set out to accomplish, discipline is likely the single reason why I’m not where I could be. It’s okay if I realize the goal isn’t, in fact, for me. The real problem occurs when the goal is for me, but my lack of ambition ensures it remains out of reach. The only answer to it remaining out of reach is because I lack the discipline required to get there. 

It sounds like your standard met a condition in which it couldn’t be upheld.

That’s all there is to it. If there’s a condition that requires me to up my standard to survive, lack of ambition is the only thing stopping me. 

Full circle.

I spend a decent amount of time alone; that’s my condition. I have the time available to accomplish whatever I set my mind to, but I also have the available to accomplish nothing. This condition has been harder to endure than expected. So I have to set a higher standard for myself and have the discipline to maintain it.


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