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I walked into the Columbia store in the San Clemente Outlets looking for a rain jacket. Memorial Day weekend means sales on top of deals. Plenty of options, all under $30. Only one issue, the men’s selection, it pales in comparison to the women’s.

I have an idea.

I take a women’s raincoat over to a sales associate. Raincoats seem simple enough. I ask the lady if there’s anything that really caters women’s raincoats to women? It’s an honest question, it’s a lightweight $30 jacket, not a form-fitting sports coat. I figure I’ll snag an extra-large and call it a day.

She tells me that the women’s jackets maintain a slimmer fit for women. Do they? I have a rebuttal, but I’ll never get to it because the associate asked me if I attend The Shoreline Church, and I do. It turns out she also drops her two-year-old son off to my Wife on Sundays (Wife volunteers in child care) during the second service. She knew Wife by name, Wife (Amy).

All I wanted was a rain jacket.

Her name is Brittney. Brittney said she was born again believer as of a couple of years ago, information she voluntarily shared. Brittney witnessed a message I shared with a group she attends on Wednesdays at The Shoreline Church. Wednesday at 7 pm is 10/10, a ministry shaped explicitly for people in their 20’s. Brittney had insight into who I am before our first personal encounter. Now she has more insight as I request her opinion on my hopeful purchase of a women’s jacket for both my Wife and me.

I’m not one to shop for clothes, but I’m on the first leg of a long trip. I went to the Outlets for shoes for a wedding this weekend and the rain jacket for potential rain while fly fishing on the latter half of the trip. But I met Brittney, everything that was and is, I met Brittney. Out of all I wanted and prepared for the upcoming trip. Being present for the one-sided recognition of Brittney…

All I wanted was a rain jacket.


Two days later, Baltimore, Fells Point, overcast weather. It’s been years since we’ve gone anywhere just for us and only a few times at that. But it rained, joyous and wonderful rain.

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