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We identify with our scope

At the core of us all is a scope through which we choose to see the world. Scope is where we establish purpose, passion and profession. Our scope determines our range and reach. While for some, an explanation of that scope is complex. So complex that when explaining to other people, it comes off as if the owner doesn’t know anything about their optic. Something is likely missing which is causing the confusion.

Confusion is ok, for a period, we’ve all been there.

For others, answers may be simple, straightforward, or concise. Described with pride and enthusiasm.

As for the scope, the scope we manually focus.

While a slight bummer for children, as it takes time to learn how you adjust your scope. Time progresses. Dibble and dabble with lots of different settings. Revisiting some settings here and there, but perspective is growing. Perspective is critical; tackle that one later.

At some point, we dial-in. We remain until we’ve either seen enough or we no longer see.

So, the question is, what can you focus on yet never see enough?

I can tell you what it is for me. I try my best to view the world through the worldview of Jesus. I would describe myself as a follower of Jesus. I’ve also heard it referred to as Christian.

Relax, this isn’t me stealing a moment for Evangelism. (or is it?)

This is me telling you where my scope is focused. That way, there’s no confusion moving forward.

My optic is focused on Jesus.

Alright, so what’s the point.

Purpose, passion, and profession. Topics that frequent the internet and social media. People make careers out of helping others find their purpose in this life. Good for them, I get it. I wouldn’t pay for it…

But I get it.

Identity, passion, and occupation. Swapped out a few words.

You can’t find purpose without knowing where you stand with identity. In search of purpose, you’ll likely find yourself attempting to identify with said purpose and hope for the best outcome.

It’s -A- method, sure. Most importantly, it’s a method you can do on your own. Don’t pay someone to tell you to experience new things, work hard and try not to be a horrible person. People who tell you those things should be called friends, and I hope you don’t pay your friends.

Now, if a class offered is within the scope of where you focused. Attend the class, smart move, you’re attempting to educate yourself. Money well spent.


We remain until we’ve either seen enough or we no longer see.

We’ve all dialed that lens in, thought that was it until it wasn’t. Stab in the dark on this one, no one, I mean no one, lands it on the first try. Which is fine, it’s expected.

It’s hard, though. Pour your heart into something or someone. Only to have it/them no longer exists. More accurately, no longer existing for your wants, need or purpose.

Do your best, pick yourself up (hopefully), and get back to business. Refocus that optic, keep searching, keep grinding. It will work out eventually, right?

Maybe, we sure see it advertised like it works that way.

When you find your identity, who you are and who you will become will depend on it. Once identity is discovered, you will find your purpose. When you find your purpose, that doesn’t mean that your occupation will or should be your passion.

Suppose it works out that way, great. However, your passion should be fulfilled within or around your occupation. Your passion, in some cases, can become your profession. Let’s not confuse profession with occupation, two very different concepts.

Either way. It all starts with identity. I no longer have to ask myself, who am I?

Instead, I remind myself of who I am.


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