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The lack of collective disdain for the atrocity that is the withdrawal from Afghanistan and this administration’s lackluster effort toward fellow Americans has me less than enthused about writing.

Amidst all the current divisions in the United States of America, whether decisions concerning Covid, racial equality or lack-there-of, gender equality, and even gender itself. There’s one thing they all have in common, The United States of America.

Same team people, same team. Where are the rally cries for Americans from the same country that houses all of our collective imperfections and allows them to flourish in the most haphazard of ways?

This feels like a joke. It’s like handing keys to your safe, a safe housing all your money, to a stranger, and then asking them for your money. There’s no logical reason to do that? Tinfoil: Unless a deal was made.

Do you willingly hand your people over to the opposition and then ask for their cooperation in receiving them back safely?

Whatever, I start school next week.

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