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I begrudgingly take a seat at my bartop desk, opening my rose gold MacBook pro—in what should be our dining room. I converted this space during Covid to meet my online learning needs. I have a zoom class peer-reviewing my fictional story during today’s creative writing period—my first fiction piece. I know nothing about writing, let alone fictional writing, so reviewing my work makes sense. I’m in my last semester at community college, pursuing an English degree—I’m all in. The reviews were hilarious. One girl said, “After reading this, It makes me not want to get older.” Another young mind said, “It made me think about all the responsibilities that come along with being an adult.” You may be wondering what I wrote—I didn’t write about the stretching I require to start my day or the property taxes in South Orange County. My story was about a camping trip. 

I was not discouraged by these reviews—instead, I was encouraged. The words in my story conveyed an emotion that the reader could feel. What’s interesting is that the emotions were mine. Their reviews were exactly what was on my mind as I wrote a story—about camping. I was excited and thought to myself—maybe I’m on to something.

Read anything instructional on writing. William Zinnser or Strunk & White, and there will be a mention of the importance of having a voice. 

Well, my readers heard my voice, and that was a year ago.

My first semester at Biola is coming to a close and it’s been an experience. I still love it as much as I did when I started, my enthusiasm hasn’t dwindled but I acknowledge that school is more difficult than I expected. It’s been keeping me busy for sure, I haven’t posted a blog in quite some time.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and writing for school, so I haven’t posted in a while. Reading is easy, but writing is a difficult task that requires consistent work. I don’t put much time into editing on here, and by much, I mean none. I do it on purpose, right now I have to keep reading and writing for school. This site functions like a notepad for me.

“That same truck now careened down the road in my direction, high beams bouncing through the smoke.

These lines are personal favorites of my first published article. I love the tempo and the imagery. It’s pleasant and exact—you can feel it.

I’m happy to say that I’m a published writer. It feels good, and having been published on a platform like Expedition Portal goes beyond anything I expected. Click to read No Time to Burn. I’m proud and humbled, writing is no simple task, but I look forward to the continued challenge. 

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