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If opportunity was knocking at your door, would you answer it? I bet opportunity has a soft knock. The kind of knock you get when the Amazon driver drops the package at the door, but you only know it’s there from either the email with the picture or when you go to the door. It’s never from the knock that you realize you have a package.

At least Amazon leaves the package, opportunity keeps it moving.

It’s been an interesting one for me. I’m always curious about what it looks like to be present. Not just present during specific moments, but being generally present throughout my day. I often find myself withdrawn for no other reason than selfishness.

That’s a hard conclusion, selfishness, but it’s one that I believe to be true. I have a great friend, and we study the Word together. A common theme we discuss is understanding what it means to die to self.

Dying to self is a fruitful practice.

Fruitful and difficult. I think the saying goes that luck, or success, is when preparation meets opportunity. My question would then be, how does someone know when an opportunity is before them? In my experience, opportunities have been less of an unexpected verbal or written offer and more of my willingness to be present. My being present affords me the ability and awareness to see that this is an opportune moment in my life.

More often than not, the veil is lifted, revealing clarity in this moment of opportunity, only after I’ve somehow died to self.

Sometimes an opportunity presents itself, but we miss it. Opportunity passes us by. Life’s hard, but what a blessing that we get to live it.


I was present tonight. No new faces, so I took the time. Exciting concept, taking the time. The commonality we could find if only we chose to take the time. Take the time to be present.

I’ve talked to Steve, but tonight, we talked talked. I’ll spare you the long, drawn-out story I so desperately want to tell, but it all came back to faith.

No new faces.

I took the time. I had no idea she was interested in writing, a passion that’s always been there. Confirming my confirmation bias was occurring in the most logical of sequences.

I can’t leave; I see Blake from Blake’s Christmas Trees. Yup, Blake Shelton sells Christmas Trees off the PCH in Dana Point, Ca, during the arctic months. You’re welcome. But seriously, no new faces.

Catchups are great starting points for conversation. At what point do you begin to talk? I have to remind myself that I know all these people. Maybe I should speak to them like I want to know them.

No new faces, we talked, we laughed, we drank.

I was present.


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